We are super excited that not only did CBC air Trouble in the Garden in prime time November 7th 2020, it is also available on CBC GEM.

About Trouble in the Garden the Film

Pippa (Cara Gee) is bailed out of jail by her brother Colin (Jon Cor) after a night of protesting.  She prefers to be acknowledged as “Raven”, and she’s dedicated to her fight against indigenous land being sacrilegiously built on.  Colin, who oversees some of the real estate on the controversial land, seems to only be concerned about mending fences with his adopted sister.  The reunion gets more tense, however, when the siblings’ parents (Fiona Reid, Frank Moore) visit from out of town to celebrate the birthday of Colin’s daughter Gracie (Persephone Koty).

“Trouble in the Garden has the pace and anticipation of a boiling pot of water – it’s a slow burn towards a fierce finish.  Gee steers the film with a sensational performance as Pippa/Raven, someone who has never been able to attach herself to anything – her family, her culture, or her life.  Her frustration towards her identity is portrayed extremely well by Gee, who also does a good job channeling her character’s passion.” (ADDISON WYLIE, )WYLIEWRITES.COM

Roz Own the Director

I made Trouble in the Garden as I thought it was possible to reach people who had the potential to be emotionally effected by this story about the 60’s scoop. There has been a collective amnesia about the profound effect that this colonial policy has had on all people involved.